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35 Journal Square, New Jersey city, NJ 07306

35 Journal Square,

Jersey City, NJ 07306

Does ketamine help treatment resistant depression?

Many published studies have shown that Ketamine treatments have resulted in effective positive outcomes for about 70-80% of patients.

What is the protocol for the number of ketamine treatment sessions?

The initial Yale University studies had a total of six infusions over  a ten to twelve-day period.  There is no absolute protocol but this is being followed by many of the clinics nationwide.

Many patients see the initial improvement the day after their 2nd or 3rd infusion, but it is important to complete the whole process. Afterward, patients come back when they feel it necessary for single infusion boosters.  There are differing time lines when a patient needs another booster.   The time between boosters ranges between monthly, every 3 months, or even less frequently.

Should I continue to see my primary providers and mental health provider?

You should continue with your primary care provider and your mental health provider.  We are committed to your recovery.

When will I begin to feel better?

Some results  can be very quick and sudden, but not always. More patients see a slower, more gradual improvement.You will be awake - or in a very dream like state.  Some people report being sensitive to light or sound.  Some feel a little lightheadedness or you feel "fuzzy"

Do I need ketamine therapy for the rest of my life?

No. Some patients achieve relief after one series of infusions. Maintenance or follow up boosters may be required as necessary.

How will I feel during the infusion?

For individuals with depression, ketamine is administered over a period of 45 minutes. The amount given will not cause you to lose consciousness. During the infusion, you might feel lightheaded or "fuzzy".
You might feel a little tired or fatigued, most feel much like themselves. You should be picked up inside our clinic by a responsible adult.

Are there any other side effects I should be concerned about?

Patients commonly feel tired following an infusion. On rare occasions, some patients experience nausea after an infusion. If so, we have medication that can relieve this.

What conditions could keep me from receiving ketamine?

There are some  but that will be discussed with you.

Is ketamine therapy addictive?

No. There are no published reports or studies showing any symptoms of addiction.

Do I need to bring someone with me to my ketamine treatments?

Yes,  a responsible adult has to bring you home. Please do not drive a car, operate heavy/dangerous machinery, sign any contracts, or undertake risky activities until the next day.

Can I eat or drink before my appointment?

You cannot eat 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You may have clear liquids up to two hours before your appointment.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept Checks, Cash and Credit Cards.

Do you have an age requirement to have IV ketamine infusions?

Our office will provide services only to adult persons over 18 years of age.

Where are the treatments performed?

All treatments are administered at our offices in Jersey City, NJ ."

Will my insurance company pay or reimburse for ketamine therapy?

Unfortunately,  many insurance companies do not reimburse you or us.  Some do.   We  do require payment before your treatment begins.

How soon can I be scheduled?

After your first phone consultation, we can schedule you for an in office appointment.  At that time we can schedule your treatments.