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35 Journal Square,

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A Healthier Mind in Just a Few Hours

It’s hard to talk about depression and other mental illnesses — the mood swings, the pain, the numbness. Depression, a lot of the time, is lonely, and when you’ve tried various drugs and treatment methods to cure your brain to no avail, the weight of this disease can be all the more crushing.

But what if there’s an alternative that you haven’t yet discovered? For many, that alternative, and the ticket to a clearer, healthier mind, is ketamine.

In Recent Years

Ketamine has entered the public eye only recently, gaining recognition from the scientific community and medical researchers alike as a drug that could have major implications in the treatment of depression and other mental illnesses. Researchers and the FDA have been testing ketamine and ketamine-like drugs, like esketamine, to determine proper dosing, long-term viability, and overall efficacy.

The Success of Ketamine

While studies are still happening throughout the United States to deliver concrete numbers on the effectiveness of a ketamine treatment for patients with treatment-resistant depression, many clinics note a 75% to 80% success rate in their patients. The patients who do experience relief from their depressive symptoms often feel this relief in as little as two to three hours and as long as two or three sessions.

This begs the question of ketamine’s place among drugs like Prozac, Effexor, and Zoloft. Can ketamine be a viable alternative to these other antidepressants?

Faster Relief

While studies have not been carried out long enough to know the long-term effectiveness of a drug like ketamine, one thing is for sure — ketamine can deliver faster relief for many patients, and the implications of this relief are extraordinary.

If a patient enters a clinic claiming thoughts of suicide and other tenets of major depressive disorder, doctors would most likely prescribe the drugs listed above, suggest mindfulness exercises, or encourage them to seek therapy. While these all can be solutions, when someone is facing a mindstate that requires a more immediate remedy, ketamine is there to help. With improved mentality in the first two to three hours for many people, ketamine could save lives.

Consider Treatment Today

If you or a loved one is experiencing issues with mental illness, and you’re looking for an alternative option to traditional antidepressant treatments, turn to the New Jersey Ketamine Center.

At the New Jersey Ketamine Center, we’ve experienced success in treating individuals with depression, anxiety, CRPS, and other mood disorders with ketamine, and we want to help you too. Don’t let the weight of depression hold you down any longer. Call us today at 866-789-7627.

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